our core principals for sustainability can be broken down into 3 categories

1. Using second hand fabrics, discarded textiles, waste materials and remnants

Did you know a study by Levi Strauss & Co found that producing one pair of Levi jeans requires 3781 litres of water?? (If you follow us on socials you probably did know that, because we keep going on about it!)

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater (according to the UNECE), and with over £140 million worth (350 000 tonnes) of wearable clothing going to landfill in the UK alone each year (according to ClothesAid) it is clear that there is a HUGE problem with textile waste. 

Without boring you with too many statistics, it's obvious that this cycle of buying millions of new clothes each year and sending perfectly wearable pieces to landfill is not the most sustainable! That's why we take all our fabric from second hand textile products, hand picking the highest quality pieces and carefully pairing them together to make completely new products that can be used and loved all over again. 

This also means that once we use a fabric, we are unlikely to come across it again, so you know that your Saffron Skies products are one of very few (if not, the only one of it's kind) in the entire world! 

2. One of a kind items

Speaking of one of a kind pieces, we believe that your clothing should be as unique as you are. By creating limited amounts of each design, we are opposing the current fast fashion model that churns out thousands of identical pieces, preventing awkward matching outfit encounters without the need for overconsumption - does anyone remember that Zara dress...? 

We hope this means our pieces will be a considered purchase that is a treasured and valued addition to your collection rather than a regrettable impulse buy. 

3. Recyclable and Plastic-Free Packaging

All of our packaging is completely plastic free and recyclable. This includes our labelling and thank you note!

The only exception to this may be when we directly recycle packaging from our suppliers. By using the code USERECYCLED we offer a recycled packaging service saving you £1 off your order and showing us that you're happy to use packaging we have kept from supply orders or had donated on your order. This keeps the packaging in circulation for longer, preventing new pieces from needing to be made as well as energy for it to be recycled when it is still in usable condition.

We know that not everyone is on board with re-using bags or boxes so we will never send you your items in second-hand packaging unless you ask for it, however we always keep hold of (clean!) packaging, so let us know in the order notes if this is something you are okay with.

We also know that true sustainability cannot be reached without considering social sustainability as well...

If you would like to know more about our charity donations please click the link here.